Penguin visual effects

Compiz screenshot — the cube in action

If by any chance you are one of the two or three people in the world that missed the Compiz project, my advice is to try and search YouTube for the “compiz” tag. I find this video is especially attractive, maybe for the sound track and the editing.

I think I should find the time to install and tune Compiz on my laptop only to show it to the next people bothering me with the fabulous new and very original visual effects of Windows Vista.

Of course all these graphics on the desktop is not very useful, but here the issue is: why to pay a whole lot of money to buy an operating system full of bugs and viruses? Furthermore: Microsoft last advertising is heavily based on Windows Vista visual effects, that are ridiculous if compared with Compiz, and not that original if compared with Apple’s OSX.

Maybe Microsoft decided to quit the operating system market?