This page will collect a brief summary of the hundreds of thousands a couple of my projects that are worth mentioning in public. Of course with “projects”, I mean software projects, because I hardly have other kinds of interesting projects.

Objective Caml projects


Ex-nunc (pronounced x-noonk) is an open-source framework aimed to help the development of Web based applications. It is written in Objective Caml, a language that is compiled, statically typed, strictly evaluated, and uses automatic memory management. Ex-nunc is designed to exploit these features, trying to detect most of the common programming errors at compile time. This way, the developer wastes less time hunting for misspellings, and has more time for functionality testing of his applications.

More informations are available in the Ex-nunc page.

Objective Caml binding to the Lua API library

Lua is a very beautiful programming language, a script language that is very powerful and yet simple enough to be learned in a week end, at least its basics.

Being very functional-oriented (it's Scheme inspired), it's designed to be an embedded language, very useful when you need do offer your users a way to customize the behaviour of your application.

It's therefore very small (memory footprint is negligible) and it's very easy to embed in your C application in a tight sandbox, it literally requires a few lines of code.

In my opinion it's the best companion language of OCaml, when you need a configuration language and you don't want to reinvent the wheel, producing an horrible home-made language, probably full of bugs.

So I decided to write an OCaml binding to Lua API library.

It's not complete, because I have a very few spare time, but it's already possible to embed (not so) simple Lua programs in an OCaml application and exchange data to and from the Lua machine.

You can download the library from OCamlForge.