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Online backup with Crashplan: my experience

Crashplan ETA for the first backup

Following this article of Lifehacker I decided to give a try to Crashplan, an online "cloud" backup service that seemed very promising to me because it supports many platforms (Linux and Android included) and offers an unlimited space plan for one computer for only $36 a year.

Installing the client for Linux is very easy, and presents all the typical backup options (timing, include/exclude paths, and so on).

I decided to include all the directory I already backup with a script of mine on a USB external hard drive.

The problem here is visible in the screenshot I saved: the estimated time for completing the first backup was 52 days!

It's not Crashplan fault, of course, but the fact is that here in Italy we are still very far from using a remote service like that.

Maybe I'll retry again in a a few… years.

On Internet and TV

Paul Graham has a very popular blog about his activity of venture capitalist, and sometimes about his beloved Lisp.

The last article, however, focuses attention on the battle between Internet and TV. The opinion of Graham is that TV has lost the battle, and this is my very same opinion, since at least a couple of years.

If you, like me, you hate TV and the stupidity of most TV shows, read the post of Graham, it contains a lucid analisys of the current situation and some very penetrating considerations about the near future.

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