Station Changes at

Starting November 17th, 2010, is discontinuing a few subscriber-only radio stations.

Why is this happening?

Licensing music is a complex and labour intensive process.  By discontinuing a few stations, we're able to focus our energy on improving our most popular features, developing new and innovative stations, and offering the best music discovery service to our global audience.

So What's Changing at

The following subscriber-only radio stations will no longer be available:

  • Loved Tracks Radio: streaming your list of loved tracks
  • Playlists: streaming a list of tracks you've chosen for a playlist
  • Personal Tag Radio: streaming a list of artists, albums or tracks that you have tagged

What will NOT change?

AND we're going to offer you the ability to export your lists of tracks to help you maintain control of your music experience.

Will you be adding new stations?

We'll be announcing new features and even better ways for you to enjoy listening to very soon, including a brand new station that we know you'll love.

Even so, we understand that some of you might miss the stations listed above. If you'd like to find out what your options are, please click here.